About Scavolini

Italy's top kitchen brand for more than thirty years

Scavolini has been Italy's leading kitchen brand since 1984.

A large industrial concern, capable of organising a complex production process that enables it to create kitchens of high quality value for households of all cultures and taste, at competitive costs, it is the company that best succeeds in satisfying the consumer's most varied, concrete demands in terms of styling, functionality, safety and durability: qualities recognised and appreciated by many households, for whom the Scavolini brand offers the best furnishing opportunities together with highly reliable contents.

With more than 50 years on the kitchens market behind it, Scavolini is one of Italian industry's most modern, important production models, and its brand strategy continues to be rewarded with impressively large figures, and growing success at the international level.

History and future plans

Scavolini has been producing kitchens for over 50 years. Vast experience built up over time, responding to the tastes and trends of almost three generations of consumers. From a small workshop the company has grown to major industrial status, pursuing its growth aims through all the necessary stages with toughness and determination with absolute respect for the public at large, and in harmony with the needs of its surrounding area.
Its history - a crescendo of initiatives reflecting its ability to adapt innovatively to changes in taste, lifestyle and the market and the advent of each wave of new technologies - is a striking example of corporate growth, nowadays taken as the benchmark model for the entire industry.

1961 - 1969

Initially a small workshop, Scavolini launches its business in Pesaro in 1961 with a small range of fitted kitchens, which immediately prove very popular. This is the start of the great adventure of the brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini who, encouraged by their initial success, expand their premises and make innovations that help their business to grow quickly.

1970 - 1979

Expanding output requires major changes: Scavolini consolidates its distribution network and reinforces its sales network, adopts more and more leading-edge technologies, and starts to work with specialist designers for the first time. The aim: to come up with the best solutions and offer the best services. The company's turnover and visibility increase: 1975 is the year of its first nation-wide advertising campaign and, in the world of sport, the sponsorship of a promising Pesaro-based basketball team.

1980 - 1989

Now the popular choice of a very large number of Italian households, in 1984 Scavolini wins the leading position on the domestic market and becomes, in everyone's eyes, "la cucina più amata dagli italiani", Italy's favourite kitchen. While output reaches new peaks, during these years the company's image and brand achieve strong credibility: with an ambitious advertising campaign, the establishment of the Scavolini Foundation, and the sponsorship of the Rossini Opera Festival.

1990 - 1999

During the Nineties Scavolini perfects its production and distribution system and explores new possibilities: for Dealers it launches an excellent multi-annual plan, it opens its own Internet site to back up its strong communications, it takes over Ernestomeda and it creates the Scavolini Group, to diversify its product range. In 1996, it is amongst the first firms in Italy to receive the most important award of all: UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System Certification.

2000 - 2009

After having created the innovative Utility System in 2001, Scavolini has also strengthened international exports by officially establishing the first and only Community dedicated to life in the kitchen on the web in 2002, and presenting the magazine "Kitchens.it" connected with some of the most prestigious Italian furnishing magazines in a total of four million copies. Scavolini also feels the need to be “first” in environmental protection, in helping safeguard the territorial context. And this is a desire that has resulted in its Environmental Management System project, which late 2004 was recognised with the prestigious UNI EN ISO 14001 certification and has now become an Integrated Quality and the Environment System project.
In 2008, Scavolini further extended its route, becoming the first business of its sector in Italy to obtain OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for its Management of Health and Safety at Work. And this certificate earned Scavolini its MERIT AWARD.  With a view to ensuring continuous improvement and a careful eye on technological innovation, aimed at optimising production and warehouse organisation, in 2003, the first 2 automated warehouses were débuted, enabling significant heights to be used to the full and guaranteeing greater storage capacity for materials. Sports sponsorships continue with a women’s volleyball team, amongst others.

2010 - 2016

Scavolini launches Sunload, involving the development of two latest generation photovoltaic plants for a total of 40,000 m2, thereby aiming to use only energy obtained from renewable sources in all its business. In addition, when it is not possible to use self-produced solar energy, Scavolini chooses to use ZeroE planet, the market’s first electricity obtained from renewable sources of Impact Zero®. Scavolini turns 50 years old in 2011. The wealth of meticulously filed historical and iconographic documentation has led to the book “Italy’s best-seller. Scavolini 1961 > 2011. 50 years of kitchens”. Available in all good bookshops, it tells the story of excellence made in Italy, born from the genial intuition and business acumen of the young brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini from Pesaro. In 2012, Scavolini presents "Scavolini Bathrooms", complete innovation for the market: a new brand starring the bathroom and comprising a programme of complete ambiances, which is extremely articulated in its composition variety, featuring the latest dictates of lifestyle and wellness.