Cultural and social commitment

Culture and solidarity

Providing the best solution to real needs, but also enhancing the social and cultural life of the community that is an integral part of our life and work. Scavolini sees social and cultural commitment and a profound involvement in the varying needs of its home area as a real vocation; an attitude springing from a corporate philosophy oriented towards the individual, which has always been implemented with great conviction and responsibility.

History, art, music, social solidarity and equal opportunities. Areas in which Scavolini is continuously involved in projects capable of transmitting human and ethical values that will help the community to achieve growth.
These same values have inspired the birth of the Scavolini Foundation, established in 1984 with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the cultural and artistic heritage and fostering projects supporting development and progress, or have led to the creation of the innovative System Utility that removes the barriers from the kitchen, helping everyone enjoy independence and safety.