Utility and Niguarda Hospital

Furnishing the kitchen space in the Niguarda Ca' Grande Hospital Spinal Unit in Milan

The kitchen space created for the brand new Spinal Unit at Niguarda Hospital in Milan bears the most direct and efficient witness to the Utility system. These premises are in fact used for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from invalidating injuries, who are firmly encouraged to recover the most common activities by a setting that is functional to their needs, while also retaining all the aesthetic appeal of a normal kitchen.

For the Spinal Unit, Scavolini created 5 compositions (with a modern look) intended for pre-set areas, with various purposes. The first is situated in the Ergo-therapy setting (area dedicated to the first level of rehabilitation). Other compositions occupy the Canteen area and the Cafeteria, which are adjacent to the gym and also open to friends and family. Two models were introduced into two mini-apartments occupied by patients who have reached advanced rehabilitation and are nearing their release.

Particolare della zona lavaggio, caratterizzata dal piano senza basi e pensile con sistema saliscendiIl piano di lavoro senza le basi, consente una maggiore fruibilità della cucina anche da parte di persone in carrozzina.