How to choose the Utility system

Simple advice for selecting and using Utility system elements

For those who work sitting or in a wheelchair
  • Il piano di lavoro della cucina è senza basi sottostanti e può essere collocato ad altezza variabile per agevolare i portatori di handicap Use the suspended worktop (without base units below), setting the minimum height of the space below for inserting the legs.
  • I fornelli e il lavabo disposti su piano angolare sagomato per permettere di lavorare senza spostamenti della carrozzina per un disabile Determine the shape that the suspended top (without base units below) should take to provide the best possible ergonomics. For example, decide if it should extend in a linear fashion or round a corner, or if it should have a modelled front profile.
  • La griglia ribaltabile permette ad un disabile su carrozzina di spostare una pentola dal fornello senza alzarlaProvide a minimum length of 60 cm to prepare food, with a cooking zone and a washing zone at the sides. It can be integrated with a reversible grille to have a flat surface on which to slide pots from the hob to the sink and vice versa in complete safety, without having to lift them.
  • Another important detail: when choosing gas hobs, select ones that have support grids to keep pots from overturning if they are not perfectly centred on the burners. It is preferable to choose hobs with front controls, rather than side controls.
  • Con il lavello a canna recrinabile è possibile applicare il sistema saliscendi anche agli scolapiatti Sinks: if you choose the Quarz worktop, you can insert sinks installed below the worktop, that have the advantage of being flush with the worktop. When choosing the tap, the handiest models have a pull-out water pipe and extended lever control, while those with reclining tube allow greater descent of the motorised shelving unit.
  • Il piano di lavoro può essere ampliato grazie ad un tagliere estraibile dal piano stessoTo enlarge the work surface when space is limited, one or more pull-out chopping boards can be installed under the worktop.
  • Un disabile in carrozzina accede facilmente al contenuto dei pensili grazie ai sistemi saliscendi elettrici o manuali Wall units, normally installed 45/50 cm from the worktop, can be equipped with electrically or manually lowered shelving, making objects (even those on the top) accessible.
  • Insert midway unit accessories to exploit the space between base units and wall units, and to keep frequently-used objects at hand. It is important to make sure that they don’t interfere with the motorised shelving. It is also advisable to provide an electrical outlet (perhaps in combination with a midway unit light) to connect small appliances.
  • Lo zoccolo rientrato permette l'inserimento delle pedaline di una carrozzina di un disabile o di un anziano per accedere con facilità ai cassetti To avoid obstacles to wheelchair foot supports, you can choose a 26 cm. high plinth, which recedes further than the standard one. Among other things, this lets you arrange the various electrical appliances (ovens, dishwashers, etc.) at the ideal height.
  • Lo stesso zoccolo può essere dotato di cestelli di contenimento estraibili, con i quali è possibile sfruttare ogni spazio. This plinth can be fit with pull-out baskets to make the most of available space.
  • Il forno con apertura laterale, inserito in una armadio a colonna, per un'apertura facilitata da un disabile su carrozzina For easier access to the oven, we recommend a model with side-opening door. It is also useful to insert a pull-out shelf in the tall oven housing unit basket, to be used as a support surface.
  • Immagine che raffigura la semplicità di apertura di un anta con maniglia ribassata per una persona su carrozzinaTall units are available with lowered handles. If various types of handles are available for the same model, select the handiest one. For those with stability problems (the elderly, persons with restricted movement, etc.) To access the upper parts of wall units in total safety, use motorised shelving to avoid using dangerous step ladders.
  • NOTE:
    We have provided the above advice in a simple spirit of collaboration. We assume no liability in the event of any problem.