The innovations

Functionality for your every need

Above all, the innovations brought by the UTILITY system regard access to organized kitchen spaces, and involve internal and external changes to commonly used units. In order to solve each user’s access problems, the system is designed so that the units can be modified and arranged in different positions depending on the user’s needs.

Therefore, the most functional layout is selected after careful analysis of the system options on offer.

The fundamental characteristic of the UTILITY system - which allows selection of the most appropriate work zone height - is its ability to solve a variety of problems regarding both vertical and horizontal ergonomics.

Immagine esplicativa della collocazione variabile in altezza dei piani di lavoro e dei dei pensili negli arredi accessibili Vertically, ease of use is provided:
  • by placement of worktops at the desired height,
  • by placement of wall units (equipped with manual or electric sh elving) at the desired height
  • by choice of three different plinth heights
  • by choice of handle position.
Piani appositamente sagomati che limitano lo spostamento allo stretto necessario. Horizontally, ease of use is provided:
  • by specially modelled tops that allow movement to be limited to a minimum
  • by pull-out worktops
  • by flap grids to accessorise hobs, designed for safe and easy tr ansfer of pots, etc..