The project

Origins and development of an ergonomic kitchen

UTILITY originated in 1998. Following a competition sponsored by the don Gaudiano Foundation in Pesaro (which sought to bring industrial production more in touch with the social problem of disability through a search for new solutions), Scavolini first accepted an invitation to create (based on the winning design) a prototype kitchen for the disabled, and then decided to develop an entire system of auxiliary and replacement units for disabled persons that could easily be applied to each of its kitchen models. Once the new design was finalised, the system was put into production. It achieved instant testing and enthusiastic success in 2001, when the Niguarda Hospital in Milan (represented by Dr. Tiziana Radaelli) asked Scavolini to develop five kitchen areas for the Spinal Unit under construction at that time, in collaboration with architect Rosanna Gerini, designer of the new structure. This fully-equipped unit provides assistance and care for persons with crippling injuries, and now features Utility kitchen spaces to promote rehabilitation to daily life.

The UTILITY system can be applied to all Scavolini kitchens now in production. This means that users and family members have a wide and unrestricted choice of the kitchen model best suited to their needs and tastes.